Top 7 Social Proof WordPress Plugins to Help You Sell in 2021

Best 7 FOMO & social proof plugins to display notifications and increase product sales

  • NotificationX

    Best for: Overall usage
  • Beeketing for WooCommerce

    Best for: Free solution
  • TrustPulse

    Best for: Convenience

FOMO or Fear of Mission Out in marketing is a powerful motivation tool that leads to an increase in sales and conversion rates. The same goes for social proof which is usually a message that appears in the sales page or another relevant page confirming that other people bought the same product.

These are powerful tools that build enthusiasm, trust and a high desire to buy a certain product through urgency and limited time discounts or offers. Building such a campaign is a hustle but fortunately WordPress has plenty of plugins that can help you solve this issue with just few clicks.

  • NotificationX

    Best plugin for: Overall usage

    Starting price: $49

    NotificationX is a powerful attention grabbing tool that helps you build trust with your potential customers and turn them into buyers in just few seconds.

    The plugin includes a sales alert / notification in the left corner of your website whenever someone navigates on your website.

    This notification includes the name of the buyer and when he / she bought a certain product. Alongside the buyer name you'll see a star rating system and a download counter. (if you want)

    Besides that, you can also include a "Notification bar" which let's the visitor know about your latest offers and create urgency by showing a countdown bar whenever an offer expires.


    • Unlimited notifications and alerts
    • Money back guarantee for 14 days
    • Used by over 300.000 website owners

    check out NotificationX

  • Beeketing for WooCommerce

    Best plugin for: Free solution

    Beeketing is a huge eCommerce guru that specializes in creating marketing solutions for eCommerce businesses and online stores. In fact, they are helping over 350,000 eCommerce stores worldwide to drive sales and improve the conversion rates.

    The Beeketing for WooCommerce extension is one of the many conversions of this kind. The plugin will drive more conversions by implementing a Facebook live chat, better coupon box and a countdown for products.

    On top of that, the plugin allows you to send personalized follow-up emails automatically to keep users attention.

    The plugin also includes a social proof notification which pops in the bottom left of the screen whenever someone purchases something from your store.


    • Checkout boost with exit intent
    • Personalized recommendations for products
    • Better coupon box
    • Countdown FOMO for products
    • Mailbot for automatic follow-up emails

    check out Beeketing for WooCommerce

  • TrustPulse

    Best plugin for: Convenience

    Starting price: $4 / month

    TrustPulse is a cutting-edge social proof plugin design to facilitate an easy implementation and a seamless integration in your WordPress website.

    The plugin offers real-time tracking of the verified customer activity and allows you to build smart targeting.

    The extension works with all major platforms including WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, SquareSpace etc.

    All you have to do is to install it and start seeing an increase in conversion rates.


    • Show the number of people who bought a product / service
    • FOMO features for landing pages and product sales pages
    • Target notifications to people who are interested in that product
    • Multiple design options to fit your theme

    check out TrustPulse

  • WPfomify

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $99

    WPfomify is a fun and creative way to boost the conversion rates on your eCommerce website. The plugin relies on building trust and credibility using social notifications and FOMO tactics.

    The plugin is easy to integrate in WordPress and it takes about 1 minute to install it.

    You can always track customer activity on your LMS or WooCommerce site and display client reviews and subscriber activity in the social notifications.

    To make things even more custom, you can customize the look of the notifications using the "Design Options" for branding purposes.


    • Create urgency using time-limited offers
    • Track user conversion rates
    • 100% responsive design

    check out WPfomify

  • Proven

    Starting price: $39

    Proven is a smart plugin developed by the guys at ThemeTrust. The plugin makes it super easy and fun to include social proof alerts in your WordPress site.

    The plugin integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce, MailChimp and Easy Digital Downloads increasing the number of conversion by displaying the number of sales and email subscribers in a friendly way.

    Proven allows you to customize who sees the notifications, build manual entries (if you don't have actual sales yet) and customize the appearance of the notification boxes.


    • Custom notification boxes
    • You can add your own entries if you have no sales or subscribers
    • Works with WooCommerce and MailChimp

    check out Proven

  • ProveSource

    Starting price: $16 / month


    An awesome, interactive WordPress plugin that brings the sales process to life. ProveSource is 100% free and it allows you to build and customize social proof notifications ASAP.

    With ProveSource you can also monitor and track user activity so you can improve the conversion rates even more.

    It basically highlights whenever someone signs up on your website or when someone purchases something or they write a review. All the proud moments worth bragging about to your potential customers.

    Most people who started working with ProveSource reported an increase in conversion rates up to 37%.


    • Easy to install and customize social proof notifications
    • Create urgency using compelling notifications

    check out ProveSource

  • FaceProof

    Starting price: $14

    FaceProof is a WooCommerce extension designed to increase the conversion rates and sales by displaying compelling messages whenever someone is buying products on your site.

    The plugin stands out thanks to its ease of use and the fact that there's literally no configuration needed in order to start.

    It is the most basic form of a social proof plugin, but it works if you need something minimalist.

    After all is a $14 plugin for a lifetime license.


    • No configuration needed...just install and enjoy
    • You can customize the colors of the notifications

    check out FaceProof

Honorable Mentions

  • What is social proof marketing?

    Social proof marketing is a strategy that leverages social activity proof in order to finish the purchase of a product or service. This technique usually means displaying a message or a list of people who already purchased the product, offering potential buyers more reasons to buy and an increased trust in that product.

    The buy intent can be increased using urgency tactics and countdowns as well to suggest the product inventory is running out or the offer is ending soon.

  • What is FOMO in online marketing?

    FOMO or fear of missing out is a tactic that increases the urgency when promoting a product. Marketers usually do this by adding a countdown for an expiring offer or by telling that the stock is almost finished. A FOMO plugin can drastically improve the conversion rates on your website.
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