Backup WordPress - Top 7 Best Solutions to Back up Your WordPress Website

Our top 3 choices for the best backup plugin

I hear people complaining about losing essential articles and post data quite often. It is something scary especially if you invested a lot of time and money into creating that great piece of content or a marvelous theme / plugin for your WordPress website.

Just imagine working for a whole year on a new project and all of a sudden your web hosting server goes underground, never hearing anything about it again. There are slim chances of that happening, but it's not impossible.

To avoid that, we recommend you a trusted web hosting provider like DreamHost. DreamHost is specialized in WordPress hosting and offers plenty of backup tools, not to say regular automatic updates and backup generators so you can focus on what really matters: creating really awesome content.

If you are thinking about avoiding all these horrible scenarios, then we highly recommend you to add a backup solution to your list. Just like with any other plugin type, solutions exist, but not all of them worthy of your time.

To make things simple for you and help you pick the right solution we selected the "Top 7 Best Backup Plugins for WordPress".

  • UpdraftPlus

    Best plugin for: Overall backup solution

    Starting price: $49.98


    UpdraftPlus is a celebrity backup plugin for WordPress with over 2 million active users worldwide and an average rating score of 5 out of 5 stars.

    It goes without saying that this solution is loved by many WordPress users and saves daily hundreds of terabytes of data.

    UpdraftPlus simplifies the backup process and restoration and helps you connect your website to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 or Rackspace Cloud.

    You can also use FTP for your backup and restoration as well and even split your website into multiple archives for easier file management.


    • Support for addons for enhanced functionality
    • Incremental backup solution
    • Duplicate or migrate websites using the Migrator addon
    • It is complatible with WordPress multisite / network

    check out UpdraftPlus

  • BlogVault

    Best plugin for: Features

    Starting price: $89 / year

    BlogVault Backups

    BlogVault is one of the most advanced backup solutions for WordPress. The plugin can connect your website to a cloud storage solution like Dropbox and allow you to perform automated backups on a schedule.

    BlogVault also includes a migration tool with Zero Downtime, a merging option which lets you push changes almost instantly on live sites and a user management panel.

    It is also worth mentioning that BlogVault includes a malware scanner and support for WooCommerce stores, but that only comes with the advanced package which starts at $20 / month.

    With BlogVault you can generate backups and syncs whenever you need and even organize backup archives so you can compare them on various criteria.


    • Uptime monitor and website hardening
    • Site performance check
    • Login protection with the advanced plan

    check out BlogVault

  • WP Time Capsule

    Best plugin for: Convenience

    Starting price: $49 / year

    WP Time Capsule Backup

    A simple, easy to use incremental backup solution for WordPress. As they emphasize in their ad as well, the word incremental is key to their backup solution.

    Unlike classic backup solutions in which backups take a lot of space and time, not to say processing power and memory, the incremental backup option lets you save time and resources.

    The way WP Time Capsule manages this is through identifying changes in your site and backing up just those changes and leaving other files unchanged.

    This can save up a lot of bandwidth and overall server resources. On top of that, WP Time Capsule will sync your content on Dropbox, Amazon S3 or Google Drive accounts.


    • Automatic incremental backups
    • One-click staging
    • White-label option available (make it your own)

    check out WP Time Capsule

  • BackupBuddy

    Starting price: $199


    BackupBuddy is one of the oldest backup solutions released for WordPress. It keeps the data safe for over 500.000 WordPress websites worldwide.

    BackupBuddy makes it easy for you to create backups, restore them and even migrate WordPress to another host.

    You simply install the plugin like any other plugin for WordPress and then in the config window you add your email and a password. Then BackupBuddy will notify you when the backup is ready to be downloaded or either an error has occurred.

    You can also choose where you want your backups to be sent (Dropbox, Rackspace, Amazon S3, FTP etc).

    BackupBuddy Stach is BackupBuddy's own, secure and managed storage solution which comes with each package. The only drawback is that it's only 1 GB.


    • Automatic backups to Dropbox, Amazon S3 etc
    • Migration tool included
    • Malware detection tool

    check out BackupBuddy

  • BackWPup

    Definitely one of the best free backup plugins available for WordPress users. BackWPup is active on over 600.000 websites and stands out in the simplicity of its user interface.

    In its simple form, BackWPup will create a backup of your entire WordPress installation and will push it to an external cloud storage solution like Amazon S3, Dropbox or an FTP account.

    It will always create a .zip, tag or tar.gz format depending on your needs. It can store the generated backup on your own server on a directory of your choice or to Microsoft Azure, Google Drive, SugarSync or RackSpace.

    The pro version allows you to restore backups instantly with just few clicks. Also in the pro version you'll be able to encrypt data.


    • Multiple ways to store the backups
    • Multiple formats for the backup file (.zip, tar, tar.gz)
    • Encrypted backup generator

    check out BackWPup

  • JetPack - VaultPress

    Starting price: $39 / year


    JetPack is a powerful plugin for WordPress from the designer of WordPress (Automattic). JetPack's goal is to offer an all in one solution for WordPress security, file backups and top-notch WP performance.

    Alongside all these, JetPack also makes efforts to help you grow your audience using some of the most advanced measurements tools and promotional methods.

    Today we're focusing only on the backup and restore solution though. This can be achieved using the real-time backups based on time or calendar dates.

    Besides that, JetPack also includes a brute-force attack prevention tool and secure authentication using accounts.

    You can use JetPack to back up your site to an off-site location as well.


    • Monitor site for downtime
    • Back up and restore based on time frames and calendar

    check out JetPack - VaultPress

  • Duplicator

    Duplicator WordPress backup plugin

    Duplicator is probably the most popular migration tool for WordPress. Using Duplicator on your website will make it easy for you to copy, move or simply clone a site from one location to another...automatically.

    The plugin was designed to eliminate website downtime and you can choose to duplicate a live site to a staging area or vice versa.

    The pro version of Duplicator allows you to generate scheduled backups that can be stored on cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or Amazon S3.

    You can also connect Duplicator to an FTP server of your choice.


    • Email notification to monitor status of the backup
    • Create staging sites and migrate with ease
    • Connect to cPanel right from the installer

    check out Duplicator


Features UpdraftPlus LogoUpdraftPlus BlogVault WordPress backupsBlogVault WP Time CapsuleWP Time Capsule BackupBuddyBackupBuddy BackWPup VaultPress BackupsVaultPress Duplicator WordPress backupDuplicator
Price starts at $49.98 $89 / year $49 / year $199 - $39 / year -
Free version 7 day trial version 30 day trial
Includes migration - -
WooCommerce support Only with the advanced pack -
Automatic backups
Multisite support up to 5 sites
Malware scanner starting with the dev pack - -
Staging -
  • Where are my WordPress backups stored?

    Depending on the backup plugin of your choice, backups can be stored on your WordPress installation, in a separate folder or they can be stored as .zip, tar or tar.gz archives on your local computer or on cloud storage accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Amazon S3.
  • How often should I backup my WordPress site?

    This depends on various things. However, we recommend you to make backups once you bring major changes to your website. For instance, we recommend you to backup your WP site once you decide to optimize all images of your website, when you install a theme or plugin that may generate some issues or simply when you add a lot of content on your website.

    Depending on your activity level and the number of changes on that website, you may create backups once per week, once per month or even daily.

  • What are incremental backups?

    Incremental backups refer to the type of backup that is updated based on updates made on your website. Unlike the classic backup method which copies every single file on your WordPress site, an incremental backup will track only the changes in your files and update the backup file to contain just those changes.

    This can drastically improve the backup time spent, will decrease the number of resources (processor, bandwidth, time) used and offer a better overall experience.

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