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Our top 3 picks: booking and calendar solutions for WordPress in 2019

Being able to keep track with your customers appointments is crucial. However, keeping everything organized and accessible isn't always the easiest thing to do.

This is especially true when your business starts to grow and more people are booking an appointment at you. The good part is that WordPress can handle all this hustle and keep you organized even in the most demanding situations.

I present to you the most powerful and reliable WordPress Booking and Appointment plugins out there.

The even better part is that most of these plugins are available for free and they take only about a minute to install them and about 5 to get familiarized with them.

  • EventOn

    Best plugin for: overall appointment solution

    Starting price: $24

    EventOn is probably the most popular premium calendar and appointment solution for WordPress with a staggering number of purchases: over 45000 and an average rating score of 4.4 out of 5.

    This makes it the number one solution of this list and that's not only because of these numbers, but also because of the awesome features it includes.

    Each event created using EventOn can be customized from top to bottom using the event customizer in your WordPress admin.

    You can add maps with map markers in each event, you can also add location, time and date alongside image galleries that describe that certain event.

    On top of that, you'll be able to group events in a grid or in a calendar view with images, integrating flawlessly in the design of your choice.


    • Create custom image galleries for each event
    • Includes location maps and directions for each event
    • Set up multi-day events
    • Popup events and colorful event layouts

    check out EventOn

  • Bookly

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $89

    Bookly WordPress

    With over 26.000 sales and an average rating score of 4.53 out of 5 stars, Bookly Pro stands on top of our booking and appointment solutions for WordPress alongside EventOn.

    The plugin is out of this world, a solution that takes care of everything related to calendars, booking and appointments as providing relevant statistics on how your business is doing in terms of conversions.

    Bookly is available on a lifetime license that starts at $89. With this you get free professional support 24/7 for the first 6 months and a cutting-edge option that can be extended with addons.

    Ladela, the developer of Bookly Pro is responsible for selling plugins and worth over $2 million. They also allow you to extend Bookly Pro with addons like:

    Outlook Calendar

    PayPal Checkout

    Custom Statuses

    Collaborative Services



    and a list of over a dozen awesome addons that will make this the ultimate appointment plugin for WordPress. With Bookly the sky is the limit.


    • Integrates with PayPal Express Checkout
    • Compatible with WooCommerce
    • Multi-language support - translated in 12 languages
    • Supports extensions and add-ons and there are plenty of them to customize your appoinment app

    check out Bookly

  • Booked

    Best plugin for: Appointments

    Starting price: $49

    Booked schedule plugin

    Booked is a star in the CodeCanyon community with over 9000 purchases and an average rating score of 4.37 out of 5 stars.

    The plugin includes a calendar-based appointment system that allows you to build as many calendars you need and assign those to "booking agents" that you create.

    Each booking form created using "Booked" can be accompanied by custom forms so that you can collect as much information about a certain customer as you need.

    These forms can be created using a drag and drop interface and they can contain radio buttons, checkboxes and pretty much everything required in a professional form.

    On top of that, you can make each of those required by default.

    The plugin is responsive, of course and includes a custom login/registration form which can be embedded using the [booked-login] shortcode.


    • Allows you to customize forms and colors
    • Fully translateable
    • Customize every form using your own input fields to collect relevant data

    check out Booked

  • The Events Calendar

    The Events Calendar Plugin

    The most popular solution in this list for a reason. The Events Calendar is a free plugin with over 700.000 downloads and an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    The free version allows you to add an unlimited number of events that are based on time frames, location and pictures.

    Users will be able to search through events using the search shortcode which displays the search form on your website's front-end.

    The users can change the view type from: month to week, to list, to map or to photo, making it way easier for people to browse the events on your website.

    The event page will include essential data such as:

    Event name, description, website,  a photo or a map of the event location, time frame and even related events.

    There's a premium version available as well and it starts at $89. The upgrade will bring in additional features like recurring events and additional views. This package also includes professional updates and support for 1 site for a whole year.


    • Upgradeable
    • Advanced event search
    • Recurring events for the pro version
    • Sort events on categories, tags and labels
    • Responsive design with multiple event views

    check out The Events Calendar

  • Pro Event Calendar

    Starting price: $25

    Pro Event Calendar

    Pro Event Calendar is a booking solution designed to allow people to submit new events from the frontend of your website.

    The plugin allows you to integrate submission and appoinment forms using custom shortcodes. Pro Event Calendar has an elegant design which is fully responsive. It allows you to import and sync a calendar with a ICS and lets you define access to custom User roles.

    The Recurring Events feature allows you to create custom events with multiple options.

    Each event can include custom fields and date ranges and you can allow people to subscribe to a certain event and receive email updates.


    • WPML translation support
    • Filter events based on category or type
    • Each form allows custom fields
    • Can be synced with ICS feed or Facebook

    check out Pro Event Calendar

  • Calendarize It

    Starting price: $30

    Calendarize It schedule

    Calendarize It is a fast, lightweight AJAX calendar plugin which lets you get started in seconds.

    The Calendarize It plugin integrates in every section of WordPress giving you full flexibility in terms of display options and customization.

    For instance, you can display an accordion of upcoming events using the widget feature or you can filter events based on authors using the advanced filter.

    Calendarize It allows you to pinpoint certain events using the Google Maps and allows you to build links in each event. You can allow people to sort each events and view them in a list or in a grid.

    On top of that, you can filter events by coloring taxonomies. If you need upgrades, you can always buy addons from the CodeCanyon website because Calendarize It includes over 10 such extensions that will make the experience even more personalized.


    • Event countdown and flat UI calendar widget
    • .csv importing tool
    • Ratings and reviews + social sharing panel

    check out Calendarize It

  • Sagenda

    Sagenda appointment plugin

    Sagenda is a free booking system plugin available on the WordPress plugin repository. The plugin includes calendar view for posts and supports custom event calendars.

    Each event and appointment can be embeded in pages or posts of your choice using the [sagenda-wp] shortcode.

    Even though Sagenda is a free appointment plugin, it allows you to create an unlimited number of events and appointment calendars in your WordPress site and it doesn't even include ads.

    If you need more power, then know that Sagenda also allows upgrades in the form of modules.

    If you need to add a PayPal Module, then the cost of Sagenda becomes $14.99 / month.

    The SMS module comes at $9,5 / month for automated SMS event notifications and the "Advanced email customization" starts at $9.99 / month.


    • Free, lightweight and no ads
    • Gives access to upgrade modules
    • Unlimited events and appointment calendars

    check out Sagenda

  • Sugar Calendar

    Starting price: $29

    Sugar Calendar is a new project released by the developer behind Easy Digital Downloads. The plugin is meant to make the appointment and event management much easier for everyone.

    With Sugar Calendar you can create and manage an unlimited number of recurring events and organize them in event categories.

    Each event includes start and end times. The plugin integrates in the default WordPress administration layout so it becomes more familiar.

    The good part with Sugar Calendar is that you get access to multiple addons.

    These addons allow you to connect the plugin with Google Maps, Nija Form embed or use the Gravity Forms embed.

    The pro package allows you to use the Calendar Feeds, an option that lets you sync the event calendars with Google, iCal, Gnome Calendar or any other calendar option that supports .ICS files.


    • Calendar syncing
    • Allows you to set up recurring events
    • Gives you access to free and premium addons

    check out Sugar Calendar

  • Editorial Calendar

    Editorial Calendar

    If you are looking for a minimalist, easy way to organize your blog posts and schedules, then Editorial Calendar is the solution for you. This free plugin is a way for you to view the WordPress posts in a calendar layout and plan out a week ahead or even a month of posts ahead.

    The Editorial Calendar enhances the default WordPress post scheduler by giving you an overall view, a drag and drop experience and a better scheduling solution.

    Besides that, you'll be able to edit certain articles on the go with the quick edit option included in the plugin.


    • Drag and drop to change schedule dates for posts
    • See an overview of the schedules posts
    • Quick edit schedules and post content

    check out Editorial Calendar

  • Event Booking Pro

    Starting price: $30

    Event Booking Pro

    The Event Booking Pro plugin is a suite designed to allow you to create events with a click on a button.

    Each event that you create can be associated with a status and you're the one who decided when the booking is available or when the booking process ends.

    Check out all the bookings and stats for an event in the analytics and build email templates for the automatic email notification system.

    The plugin also allows you to organize events based on categories and display these whenever is appropriate using the custom shortcodes.


    • PayPal integration
    • Coupon codes system
    • Email templates and email notification system

    check out Event Booking Pro

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