Best WooCommerce and WordPress plugins for starting a dropshipping business in 2019

Best WordPress Dropshipping Solutions for AliExpress, Amazon and eBay

So you want to start a dropshipping business with Aliexpress and WordPress, but you don't know if it's a good idea or don't have a clue on how to get started? Don't worry, this article will clear everything for you and help you make the first steps towards a profitable business model.

What is dropshipping and why it's so great?

Dropshipping is a form of e-Commerce that allows you to run your online store without having any inventory or to buy a product yourself. Instead, dropshipping allows you to display a product from a supplier and sell it using your own price and description.

Once someone places an order on your eCommerce website, the supplier takes care of the fulfillment process.

That's why a dropshipping plugin for WooCommerce or WordPress is so vital for your dropshipping business. These have advanced features that make the dropshipping process a child's play. You install the plugin and then the plugin imports products from Amazon, AliExpress or eBay.

  • Dropified

    Best plugin for: Overall usage

    Dropified is by far the feature-rich plugin dedicated to Dropshipping on WordPress. We are huge fans of this solution because it makes it dead simple to build a successful business without even knowing much about dropshipping.

    All you have to do in order to get started with Dropified is to install the plugin and then start the "1-Click import" feature from your favorite website (AliExpress or eBay).

    The plugin will take care of importing the product images, descriptions and prices and will also update these whenever changes occur, automatically.

    Unlike other dropshipping solutions, Dropified also allows you to download the content and even change product images and descriptions according to your preferences.

    Still, the even more impressive thing is that with Dropified you can build variable products and make your dropshipping research on the go with the AliExtractor.

    The AliExtractor is an AliExpress research tool that helps you find products and compare prices.


    • Automatically updates the product prices and images
    • You can add variable products
    • Use customized product descriptions and images
    • In-app photo editing
    • 1-Click Auto Fulfillment for AliExpress or eBay
    • Saves shipping options for customers


    • Not very affordable for small businesses

    check out Dropified

  • AliDropship

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $89

    AliDropship WordPress Plugin

    AliDropship is one of the most reliable AliExpress dropshipping solutions for WordPress that powers over 50.000 stores. The plugin incorporates everything you may need to start a successful dropshipping business.

    Even if you haven't tried dropshipping before, AliDropship makes it easy to start thanks to its seamless integration for WordPress and the built-in, customizable themes.

    Install AliDropship like any other WordPress plugin and then simply import the wanted content from AliExpress using the "One-click Import" feature.

    The plugin is also compatible with the latest versions of WooCommerce and can provide enhanced functionality in combination with other popular extensions for dropshipping.


    • One-click AliExpress import feature
    • Auto-updating system for products
    • Search and import products

    check out AliDropship

  • DropshipMe

    Best plugin for: Convenience

    Starting price: $29 / life

    DropshipMe stands out by offering an all in one package optimized for dropshipping out of the box. For starters, DropshipMe is a solution resulted from scanning and manually approving over 50,000 products that are suitable for this kind of business and sure to make sales.

    The plugin will suggest optimal sale prices for each product and they offer 3 packages that will fit your business size.

    Each product image and product title was professionally modified to fit the business type and each product supports real customer reviews.


    • Over 50.000 products manually selected for dropshipping
    • Zero additional fees
    • Professional lifetime support

    check out DropshipMe

  • Spocket

    Best plugin for: Price / features

    Spocket is a cutting-edge solution for dropshipping businesses on WordPress. The plugin has 3 main packages

    - Starter: $96 / year

    For up to 25 unique products.

    - Pro: $348 / year

    Up to 250 unique products.

    - Empire: $828 / year

    Unlimited products.

    Each of the three packages offers unlimited orders and real-time inventory updates. Besides that, every package offers 24/7 premium support and automated order processing.

    check out Spocket

  • AliExpress Dropshipping Business

    Starting price: $40

    AliExpress Dropshipping Business is a popular CodeCanyon plugin with over 2800 purchases and an average rating of 4.63. It allows you to import up to 1000 AliExpress products and it makes it easy to manage those products using the WordPress interface.

    Besides that, AliExpress Dropshipping Business supports product variations and it includes content filters. With ADB you can customize products and fulfill orders automatically.

    The plugin also includes product reviews from customers and you can also import those from AliExpress directly for a better user engagement.

    ADB is translation-ready and includes multi-currencies import (USD, RUB, GBP, BRL, CAD, AUD, EUR, INR, UAH, JPY, MXN, IDR, TRY, SEK).


    • Includes AliExpress Shipment Tracking

    check out AliExpress Dropshipping Business

  • WooCommerce Dropshipping

    WooCommerce Dropshipping is a plugin created by the guys at the official WooCommerce website. This is a simple plugin that makes it easy to manage a dropshipping store and notify suppliers when their products are purchased through your store.

    The plugin makes it easy for you to import inventory based on supplier and assign inventories to certain suppliers.

    WooCommerce Dropshipping helps you create customized emails and send them to suppliers automatically.


    • Makes it easy to add suppliers
    • Group suppliers and update them via email


    • Lacks a lot of essential features

    check out WooCommerce Dropshipping

Honorable Mentions


Features AliDropship logoAliDropship AliExpress DB Dropified Spocket WooCommerce Dropshipping DropshipMe
Starting price $89 / life $40 / single site $39 / month $96 / year $49 / single site $29 / life
Maximum products Unlimited 1000 (contact support for more) 15,000 products 25 (upgradeable) - 1500
Maximum orders Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Automatic product updates -
Product reviews -
eBay products
Product variations -
1-Click Auto Fulfillment -
Fulfillment Monitoring -
  • What dropshipping plugin do you recommend for my business?

    As you can see, each plugin comes with a suite of features, some may be of help to your business while others can be pricier and address the needs of some other businesses. Still, we consider Dropified to be the most complete solution for dropshipping on WordPress. The plugin comes configured out of the box, it's intuitive and gives you the best flexibility out of all plugins listed in this article.

  • What's the best Oberlo alternative for WordPress?

    While Oberlo is a great solution for dropshipping, it was meant to be used with Shopify. The dropshipping alternative that fits the description of Oberlo and is available for WordPress is AliDropship. A plugin with similar functionality and with affordable prices and a big advantage (the plugin isn't on monthly subscription but is available for life)

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