WordPress eCommerce Plugins to Help You Build the Ultimate Online Store

We recommend using some of these top 3 plugins for eCommerce

  • WooCommerce

    Best for: Overall eCommerce
  • Easy Digital Downloads

    Best for: Digital products
  • Shopify

    Best for: Ease of use

The eCommerce world is expanding as fast as possible and new business opportunities appear along the way. Nowadays there's no excuse to avoid starting an online store. With solutions like Shopify and Dropified you can start a dropshipping website in just minutes and everything is ready to be presented to your potential customers right away.

Today we want to present to you some of these solutions, eCommerce plugins that are easier to use then ever before.
  • WooCommerce

    Best plugin for: Overall eCommerce


    WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce plugin from this list. It is a solution provided by the guys at Automattic (the creators of WordPress) and stands on a fork project designed by JigoShop.

    The platform stands out due to its minimalist approach to eCommerce and ease of use. Just like WordPress, WooCommerce comes packed with the minimum of requirements, great security and well-written code.

    From that however, you can grow the platform to be as powerful as you require by using WooCommerce extensions.

    In fact, WooCommerce's power lays in the community that offers support for themes, extensions and pretty much every tutorial to help you set up your store and generate sales.

    The even greater part about WooCommerce is that it comes completely free and is licensed under the GPL license, making it free to use and modify the software.


    • Powerful and scalable features
    • Plenty of themes and extensions available
    • Works with Yoast SEO and All in One SEO Pack
    • Includes free payment gateways and you can add many more with premium extensions

    check out WooCommerce

  • Easy Digital Downloads

    Best plugin for: Digital products

    Starting price: $99 / year

    Easy Digital Downloads

    Easy Digital Downloads is the most popular eCommerce solution for WordPress designed especially for selling digital products like eBooks, documents, tutorial packages or software products.

    It stands out by simplifying customer and order management options. EDD allows you to customize action buttons (buy now, add to cart) with custom text, it makes it easy for you to create custom offers and track sales and orders via an advanced data reporting panel.

    Besides that, EDD is a developer friendly environment that gives you access to RestAPI, filters, actions etc.


    • Includes affiliate system powered by AffiliateWP
    • Access to hundreds of extensions and payment gateways

    check out Easy Digital Downloads

  • Shopify

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $29 / month

    Even though Shopify is not a WordPress plugin, it is by far the most versatile solution.

    Shopify is a standalone hosted ecommerce platform designed to make the creation of online stores much easier and accessible for everyone.

    With Shopify you don't have to worry about hosting, SSL or PCI compliance issues. It provides everything and it does it flawlessly.

    Shopify is preferred by many as dropshipping solution, but there are tons of large stores using Shopify.

    In fact, there are over 800.000 stores running on Shopify right now and that's because it makes it easy for you to embed buy buttons on WordPress, Squarespace or Wix.


    • All in one package for eCommerce businesses
    • Includes multiple payment gateways
    • Great for dropshipping
    • Start in just 5 minutes

    check out Shopify

  • BigCommerce for WordPress

    Bigcommerce for WordPress

    BigCommerce is a standalone eCommerce platform that is well know for scaling possibilities.

    BigCommerce like Shopify is an SaaS platform which allows you to sync products to different marketplace, it supports and unlimited number of products and has solutions for cart abandonment.

    In terms of transaction fees, BigCommerce doesn't charge you any and it helps you grow your store worldwide.

    On top of that, BigCommerce includes 24/7 technical support through the phone, social media or live chat and email.

    They also include SEO features like 301 Redirects, Facebook Open Graph, Google's Rich Snippets, Cannonical tag and even Google AMP.


    • Cart abandonment solutions

    check out BigCommerce for WordPress

  • Cart66

    Starting price: $19 / month

    Cart66 is a cloud-based eCommerce solution for WordPress. It has it all figured out for you so you just sign up for a package and then start promoting your online store.

    The fact that Cart66 is a cloud solution is great because it will keep track of all your product SKUs and it will deal with SSL and PCI compliance standards.

    This means you are all set in terms of security and payment card processing. In fact, Cart66 comes with all major payment processors and gateways. To be more exact, Cart66 includes over 100 payment gateways so you can stay focused on promoting the business instead of thinking about this matter.

    Simply create a product in the Cart66 dashboard and it will automatically appear in your WordPress site as well.

    Cart66 is also a great idea if you want to build a membership-based website.


    • Supports follow-up automated / times emails
    • Event registration
    • Recurring payment support
    • Membership and subscription support

    check out Cart66

  • WP eCommerce

    Starting price: $99 / life

    The original WordPress eCommerce plugin. WP eCommerce offers an all in one package designed for small to medium-sized online stores. Currently it powers around 40.000 stores based on WordPress and it makes it easy for you to monitor sales or configure taxes and shipping.

    Overall, the plugin is quite minimalist...it doesn't have many features but offers a reliable environment for the features it includes.


    • Coupon management
    • product sales monitoring
    • Support for unlimited products

    check out WP eCommerce

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