Top 10 Form Builder Plugins for WordPress in 2019

Our top 3 choices - best forms designer tools

Contact forms and submission forms in general are an essential part of every reputable website that cares about user engagement and the relationship building process.

These are important mainly because it's a convenient way to offer support, collect data, offer relevant information or simply automate the help process for your potential customers.

Still, things can go to a whole new level if the form builder plugin allows it.

For instance, a form builder can allow your users to submit content on your website and you'll be able to approve or remove those submissions.

Another great use for form designers is the ability to collect precious data from custom surveys and quizzes. This in collaboration with email marketing solutions can become quite a handy analytics tool for your website.

Of course we took these into consideration alongside the ability to deal with spam messages, autoresponders and the ease of use in terms of the design process. All 12 forms in this list include a visual drag and drop form builder and they require no coding at all.

  • CalderaForms

    Best plugin for: Overall usage

    Starting price: $14.99 / month

    Caldera Forms for WordPress

    Caldera Forms is a modern form builder plugin for WordPress that makes the design of submission forms a breeze. The plugin has a free version and pro upgrades for the ones who need more power and flexibility.

    Still, you should know that the free version of Caldera offers conditional logic, multi-part forms, advanced file-upload fields and columns or layout builder for forms.

    The even greater thing about Caldera Forms is that no matter which version you choose, you will benefit from the visual drag and drop form builder and the responsive layout that adapts to all devices.

    The PRO version of Caldera comes with even more surprise features like:

    Support for PDF files and compatibility with popular email and payment systems like MailChimp, Easy Digital Downloads, PayPal, Slack, Braintree, Stripe or Aweber.

    To make things even greater, Caldera Forms includes email stats and analytics and even a layout builder for notifications so you'll build the most aesthetic options.


    • Layout builder for forms
    • Conditional logic and calculation fields
    • Advanced file upload option in forms
    • Drag and drop visual form builder
    • Email analytics

    check out CalderaForms

  • CaptainForm

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $35 / year

    CaptainForm Builder for WordPress

    CaptainForm is a versatile form building solution for WordPress that has a free plan and 3 premium upgrades.

    The free solution offers a maximum of 3 forms and a storage space of 100 MB. All packages use SSL encryption and each pack allows you to embed file upload fields.

    The free package also includes a list of 30 form templates, a default autoresponder and the ability to collect data from an unlimited number of submissions.

    If you need an upgrade, the "Apprentice" package starts at $35 / year and offers additional storage space, access to 4 native apps (Google Drive, Dropbox, WordPress post fields, Google Groups).


    • Free live chat support

    check out CaptainForm

  • Gravity Forms

    Best plugin for: Lead generation

    Starting price: $59 / year

    Gravity Forms is the star plugin in this list. This powerful WordPress form builder is around for more than 5 years and is growing with the popularity of WordPress every single year.

    The reason why Gravity Forms stands in the top solutions list is because it takes advantage of powerful integrations from powerful partners.

    For starters, Gravity Forms works with over a three dozen integrations for email marketing, payment systems and CRM.

    Among the top integrations we have: PayPal, Dropbox, MailChimp, Capsule CRM, 2Checkout, and Stripe.

    In terms of forms, Gravity includes over 30 form fields and all support conditional logic.


    • Enauk notifications
    • Over 30 form fields with conditional logic
    • Calculations
    • Secure file uploads
    • Forms for user generated content
    • Spam protection with Google reCaptcha, Really Simple Captcha and Akismet

    check out Gravity Forms

  • Formidable Forms

    Starting price: $99 / year

    Formidable Forms

    Formidable forms is one of the powerful and complete form building plugins for WordPress. The power of Formidable Forms stands in the drag and drop, visual form builder and the custom fields generator.

    Formidable includes a repeater for fields and multi-page forms with progress bar.

    You can start building advanced user submission forms right from the frontend of your WP site or from the wp-admin.

    The plugin supports the creation of user submitted content via secured forms. This will allow your users to submit posts and pages that contain custom fields.

    On top of that, Formidable Forms works in sync with MailChimp, Stripe, PayPal, Aweber, GetResponse and uses Bootstrap form styling when you need it.


    • User submitted content forms
    • Repeater fields
    • Advanced reporting, graphs and charts
    • Multiple file upload forms

    check out Formidable Forms

  • weForms

    Starting price: $39 / month


    weForms is a tool designed to simplify the form building process in WordPress. It is based on the wp-admin interface making it very easy and approachable, not to say familiar.

    weForms has the advantage of ready-made forms. Simply choose from a list of templates and publish the form instantly.

    You can also customize each template from the visual form builder with over 33 custom form fields and send unlimited automated user notifications and emails.

    The form builder supports multiple step forms for making the large forms more appealing and easier to approach.

    It integrates with over 16 email marketing and CRM solutions like MailChimp, Salesforce and Aweber or GetResponse.

    Check out more email marketing tools for WordPress.


    • Anti-spam protection with reCaptcha
    • Google Maps support
    • Import from popular form builders like CF7, WPForms, Gravity or Ninja Forms
    • Enables user submitted content

    check out weForms

  • Everest Forms

    Starting price: $Free

    An out of this world form builder that has a staggering 100.000+ active installations on WordPress websites.

    It has an impressive average rating score of 5 out of 5 stars and can be the perfect tool for someone who needs something free, easy to implement and secure in terms of form design.

    The plugin enables you to create unlimited forms with no restrictions whatsoever and supports a drag and drop field environment.

    With Everest Forms you can build forms that support multiple email recipients and multiple email notifications.

    The plugin also makes it easy for you to export your entries in a Microsoft Excel .CSV format for later usage.

    This is just the free form. The premium upgrade integrates with ConvertKit, MailChimp, PayPal, Stripe and Zapier.


    • Google reCaptcha support
    • Export entries in .csv format

    check out Everest Forms

  • eForm

    Starting price: $36

    eForm is a popular premium form management plugin and designer available at CodeCanyon. It's a great tool that helps you gather data from visitors and members of your website thanks to its easy to manage environment.

    With eForm you can start building highly professional, converting forms from the drag and drop designer. The form integrates with Zapier, MailPoet, MailChimp, ConvertKit and a dozen of other awesome solutions for marketing and CRM apps.

    With eForms you can build quizzes, user login & registration forms, forms for user content submission and pretty much any type of interactive form type.


    • User submission forms
    • Conditional forms and quizzes
    • Supports mathematical evaluations

    check out eForm

  • WP Forms

    Starting price: $39.50


    WPForms is probably the most popular premium plugin for designing professional forms in WordPress.

    The plugin has an amazing number of purchases (over 2 million) and that makes it easy for those people to build surveys, quizzes and smart data collection forms in just minutes.

    WPForms also makes it easy for a non-technical person to create a form that collects payments and donations without having to add one single line of code.

    Each form benefits from advanced spam protection filtered through a honeypot system and captchas.

    WPForms includes instant form notifications and email support. Besides that, in terms of marketing, it can be connected with MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber and many more.


    • Build surveys and data collection forms from a visual drag and drop builder
    • Instant notifications and email support
    • Build multi-page forms (for longer forms)
    • Smart conditional formatting

    check out WP Forms

  • Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7

    By far the most beloved choice in the WordPress community, Contact Form 7 is an ally that you can rely on.

    It has over 5 million downloads and everybody seems to love this simple, easy to implement plugin for WP forms.

    Even though it doesn't have all the fancy features that most form builders in this list have, Contact Form 7 is free and can help you achieve more than you'd think.

    Contact Form 7 has always been the best free solution because it offered a large variety of customization options.

    With CF7 you can build secure forms that look and act as you want. You can set up HTML emails and build custom autoresponders.

    Besides that, Contact Form 7 can work in collaboration with reCaptcha from Google, the Honeypot plugin for Antispam and for marketing it can partner up with Constant Contact.


    • Ajax submission forms
    • Easy to install and free forever
    • Highly customizable with CSS and HTML
    • Create custom autoresponder emails

    check out Contact Form 7

  • Ninja Forms

    Starting price: $99 / year

    Ninja Forms has over 18 million downloads and that makes it quite a popular solution for building forms in WordPress.

    The plugin is available for free and makes the form building process an easy task even for someone with no technical skills.

    The power of the plugin stands in the extensibility. The base form of Ninja Forms is quite basic so that it looks sharp, clean and works fast with no bloat.

    Still, this version includes support for conditional logic in forms, a multi-part form (for longer forms) and layout & styles builder.

    Ninja Forms works with popular extensions like Stripe, Zoho CRM, Capsule CRM, Trello, Slack, Twilio and many more.


    • Secure file upload fields in submission forms
    • Front-end user content submission forms
    • User-analytics
    • PDF form submission

    check out Ninja Forms

  • Formstack

    Starting price: $19 / month

    Formstack plugin for WordPress

    Formstack is not actually a WordPress plugin but more like a cloud form builder that's constantly improving the data collection process.

    Formstack includes over 300+ templates from various categories like Education, Healthcare, IT, Marketing, Website & Blog and many others that can serve you a predefined form layout which leads to better conversions.

    Just like any reputable form builder, Formstack integrates with payment processors (Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net etc) and plenty of email marketing solutions like MailChimp or GetResponse.

    Besides that, Formstack allows file uploads in forms, allows you to export and import .csv data or .docx files.


    • Advanced data & analytics for users and forms
    • Supports payments
    • Helps you build conditional logic

    check out Formstack

  • FormCraft 3

    Starting price: $36

    FormCraft 3 is the third generation of a popular submission form builder for WordPress. FormCraft is available on CodeCanyon where it has over 16.000 purchases and an average rating score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

    We really enjoy the drag and drop form builder which is powered by over a dozen of addons and templates.

    FormCraft is compatible with Mailster, MailChimp, reCaptcha from Google and Campaign Monitor, making it easy for everyone to build forms that convert and track their performance on the go.


    • Tabular input
    • Multisite compatible
    • Save form progress
    • Multi-page forms (for large forms)

    check out FormCraft 3

  • Visual Form Builder

    Starting price: $29 / life

    If you are looking for a clean, minimalist form builder to build a contact form or a user submission form, then Visual Form Builder is your plugin.

    It keeps things easy and clean for everyone by offering you an easy to follow user interface, form validation and form fields for everyday use.

    Besides that Visual Form Builder includes an email designer and the capability to enable upload of attachments in forms.

    VFB also allows you to create content submission forms for your visitors.


    • Spam filters using reCaptcha and Akismet
    • Import and export data
    • GDPR compliant plugin
    • Scheduling

    check out Visual Form Builder

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