Best 9 WordPress Plugins to Help You Create Image Galleries in 2019

Our top 3 image gallery solutions for WordPress are

  • Photo Gallery by 10Web

    Best for: Overall photo galleries
  • Modula

    Best for: Ease of use
  • FooGallery

    Best for: Fast and clean design

An image gallery plugin is something you can't live without especially if you are a photographer, a product / service provider or someone who wants to share a lot of photos. Photo galleries help you organize photos on your website so that they make sense to you and your audience.

These galleries will enhance the user experience, build a better understanding of your product or service and keep an overall organized environment which is much easier to navigate.

These are the functions that every WordPress gallery plugin should handle. However, we ask for some more features like:

Performance - the ability to load images as fast as possible without compromising the website's loading time. This translates into a better user experience and an increased SEO ranking over time.

Ease of use - the ability to create outstanding image / photo galleries without having any technical or coding knowledge. Usually this means  a drag and drop image gallery builder to sort and organize your photos.

Interactive galleries - the feature which helps you add animations, transitions, image loaders and the solution to make image galleries and albums more fun. If it's properly done, this will make the user navigate further and discover your whole gallery.

Without any further ado, we present to you the absolute best image gallery plugins for WordPress.

  • Photo Gallery by 10Web

    Best plugin for: Overall photo galleries

    Starting price: $40

    The photo gallery plugin from 10Web is a brilliant solution for WordPress users who are looking for an easy to use, reliable gallery building plugin.

    The plugin is active on over 300.000 websites according to and has some of the most complex features of all image gallery plugins out there.

    We like 10Web Photo Gallery for the inclusion of over 15 lightbox effects and the watermark addon which lets you make images your own.

    Each theme from Photo Gallery by 10Web is customizable and it offers 4 gallery widget types.

    You can start building image and photo galleries in minutes using their drag & drop builder (inside wp-admin) and take advantage of the groups and tagging system to organize your photos.

    For the social guys, there's an Instagram integration which allows you to import images from your Insta account in just one click.

    The same goes for displaying photos from Google Photos.

    You can get the Photo Gallery by 10Web for $40 for life or get the premium plugin bundle which includes over 57 premium plugins at just $100.


    • Supports videos in galleries
    • Import and export photos from one WordPress site to another

    check out Photo Gallery by 10Web

  • Modula

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $29

    Modula is one of the most popular image gallery plugins for WordPress. It's a plugin active on over 60.000 websites and a solution that helps you build interactive, lightbox ready image galleries without having technical knowledge.

    It's easy to use and is filled with features that will keep your visitors entertained while browsing your photo albums.

    Modula includes a drag and drop image gallery builder which allows you to arrange images in the desired order, build galleries in a template of your choice and fill those photos with descriptions and filters.

    I say that because you can easily sort photos by taking advantage of the gallery filter built in Modula.

    Besides that, Modula makes it easy for you to apply multiple image loaders and choose from 12 different image hover effects.


    • Build image and video galleries
    • Unlimited animated image galleries
    • Multiple lightbox styles
    • Filter images in galleries using Modula filters

    check out Modula

  • FooGallery

    Best plugin for: Fast and clean design

    Starting price: $59

    Foo Gallery is a cool, minimalist looking image gallery generator for WordPress that doesn't come with the extra bloat.

    Even though it is minimalist in approach, the plugin includes a series of features you'll be thankful to have in your arsenal.

    Among the essentials, Foo Gallery includes an out of the box drag and drop gallery builder and a set of gallery templates that can be used on individual galleries.

    For the users of NextGEN Gallery who want a cleaner interface, you should know that you can import every setting and image using the Foo Gallery importer.

    Besides that, Foo Gallery has a one-click gallery page creator which will automatically take the Foo Gallery shortcode and include it in a new WordPress post or page which you can choose to publish later.


    • Multiple templates for the galleries
    • Organize the photos and galleries using media categories
    • Supports custom CSS for galleries and image albums
    • The premium version supports video galleries

    check out FooGallery

  • NextGEN Pro

    Starting price: $99

    If you've created a WordPress gallery before, then you most probably have heard about NextGEN Gallery. This ultra-popular plugin is active on over 900,000 WordPress websites and it's innovating the field since 2007.

    The NextGEN Gallery interface allows you to batch upload images and organize them from a visual drag and drop environment.

    It is a plugin that helps you showcase images, organize them and display them in a fancy manner, but the actual power lays in the extensions of the plugin.

    In terms of extensions, you should know that NextGEN becomes a beast thanks to nearly 30 extensions from Imagely (NextGEN's developer).

    These extensions will allow you to build mosaic galleries, include videos, generate advanced image galleries with slideshows, create grid albums or embed carousel navigation.


    • Supports nearly 30 extensions for an unbeatable image gallery
    • Support for Open Graph in images
    • Image deep linking
    • E-commerce support

    check out NextGEN Pro

  • Photonic

    Photonic is a brilliant and free WordPress gallery plugin which takes your WP photo galleries to the next level.

    The plugin supports photo albums from Flickr, Google Photos, SmugMug or Instagram.

    It is compatible with Gutenberg and also offers support for video galleries.

    With Photonic you can choose to display the images in the gallery in a masonry, a random mosaic, justified grid, image slideshow / film or round thumbnails.


    • Supports 14 lightbox gallery effects
    • Support for video galleries

    check out Photonic

  • Justified Image Grid

    Starting price: $27

    Is a premium WordPress gallery building plugin that makes the creation of modern albums and galleries a child's play.

    As the name suggest, the plugin is a master in creating grid-based layouts without compromising performance and by increasing the likelihood of continuous browsing.

    You can build awesome-looking galleries using a flexible-dynamic row height and limit the number of maximum rows in a gallery.

    Each image in the gallery can use a custom link and it can open in a popup, the same page or a new page.

    You can easily import photos from Flickr, Facebook or RSS feeds from YouTube, Vimeo, DeviantArt or Pinterest.


    • 7 different lightbox effects
    • Translation ready and WPML compatible plugin
    • Shortcode editor
    • Supports infinite scrolling

    check out Justified Image Grid

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