Top 8 Most Powerful LMS Plugins for WordPress to Build a Learning Community in 2019

Create your own online classroom using these 3 best LMS solutions for WordPress

  • Tutor LMS 3

    Best for: Price / features
  • Lifter LMS

    Best for: Brilliant design
  • AccessAlly

    Best for: Business and marketing

What is a LMS?

A LMS or a Learning Management System is an advanced content management solution that allows you to build and manage courses, tutorials, classes and training materials. WordPress has a leading position in this industry and is the foundation to some of the most impressive membership and learning management systems out there.

What should a great LMS be able to do?

A great LMS should enable you to build and maintain a powerful community of students who want to practice your course on a daily basis, but it should also bring you material benefits as well as fulfillment.

In order to be able to do this as a sustainable long term business, we require that all learning management plugins include the following:

Option for you to build quizzes and interactive courses

A great LMS offers you the option to build advanced courses using the visual drag and drop editor. This means you add blocks of content and then you simply edit them without having to deal with code.

A means for you to sell the courses

What good would do a great LMS plugin that isn't able to offer you a chance to charge people a subscription for the access? A reputable LMS plugin for WordPress will not only offer you options to build membership levels, but it will offer you payment gateways and integrations to services like PayPal, Stripe or 2Checkout or at least they work with WooCommerce.

  • Tutor LMS 3

    Best plugin for: Price / features

    Starting price: $149

    Even though is not as popular as the other solutions in the list, Tutor LMS offers one of the best environments to start a learning membership website using WordPress.

    The plugin is a feature-rich solution that stands out thanks to its intuitive dashboard and flexibility.

    You can use Tutor LMS to build various applications ranging from:

    • Community education
    • Online classrooms
    • Training courses and tutorials
    • Professional continuing education

    Tutor LMS allows you to build courses, categorize them, showcase them to your audience and even sell them as subscription packages or memberships.

    Tutor LMS is build with the drag and drop principle in mind so whenever you want to build a new course you simply add steps, drag and drop them to organize as you wish.

    This drag and drop course builder is available on the frontend as well as the backend of your website.

    You can also define course duration, add video content to each course or training material and build interactive quizzes that keep your audience entertained.


    • Drag and drop course management in dashboard
    • Build interactive quizzes
    • Add video material
    • Includes 10 question patterns for quizzes
    • Image matching

    check out Tutor LMS 3

  • Lifter LMS

    Best plugin for: Brilliant design

    Starting price: $99

    LifterLMS is a plugin that stands out with tons and tons of features. The plugin allows you to build interactive classrooms using multimedia files such as (audio and video) and focuses its attention on Quizzes.

    LifterLMS is able to create dynamic, ordered quizzes and is backed by the "Course Builder" module which is a drag and drop delight.

    You can assign one or more instructors to a course and you can enable certain member levels to download the content.

    The plugin works well with forms and it even has its own form builder. Besides that, LifterLMS makes things more interesting by using "Graphics pack" (to be assigned as rewards for the members) and includes its own "Review center" to collect member impressions in a fancy manner.

    LifterLMS allows you to collect recurring payments using credit card payments or PayPal. You can also create coupon codes, build subscription levels and generate bulk sales.

    In addition to these, LifterLMS is also "Affiliate Ready" meaning that you can generate more revenue by sharing your commissions with people that promote your courses.


    • Very flexible course builder
    • Accepts credit card payments and PayPal
    • You can build recurring commissions
    • Reward members with badges
    • Has support for private coaching and text messaging

    check out Lifter LMS

  • AccessAlly

    Best plugin for: Business and marketing

    Starting price: $82

    AccessAlly should be AccesstoAll because it makes you believe it incorporates all the features in the world. In fact, AccessAlly is one of the most impressive plugins for WordPress we've seen.

    It's quite a new entry in the WordPress world but so far it managed to impress us a lot. We like AccessAlly because it has a strong backbone which flawlessly integrates with InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit and Drip, making the marketing process a childs play.

    AccessAlly is a proper tool meant for business and conversion. The plugin enables you to accept payments in multiple currencies using Stripe and PayPal payments or directly via your WordPress website.

    Another thing that makes AccessAlly great is the inclusion of the "Affiliate platform" which allows you to recruit people and pay them a commission for every sale they drive to your website.

    With AccessAlly you'll be able to offer trial accounts, multiple subscription levels and leverage "cross-selling dashboards". (show all courses and programs in a member dashboard with custom icons and links to build fear of missing out)


    • Automatically applies taxes and shipping fees
    • Build unlimited dripped courses
    • Enable private feedback and messaging
    • Allows users to submit homework

    check out AccessAlly

  • LearnDash

    Best plugin for: Overall usage

    Starting price: $159

    LearnDash is renown as the most powerful learning management solution out there (at least for WordPress users). The platform stands out for its overwhelming number of positive reviews and feedback, but also for the fact that it packs the most number of features required by a powerful LMS plugin.

    The LearnDash course builder is based on a drag and drop interface that consists out of modules and lessons. You can choose how to order these and break them into topcs, lessons, sections or interactive quizzes.

    In terms of quizzes, the "Advanced Quizzing" system allows you to build single quizzes with support for single answer, multi-choice, sorting and matching, fill-in-the-blank, free text, survey, essay etc.

    You can display custom messages bases


    • Powerful drag and drop course builder


    • A bit too expensive

    check out LearnDash

  • Namaste! LMS

    Starting price: $47

    Namaste is a flexible WordPress LMS theme that allows you to create powerful classes and limit the access of your users to certain pages or courses based on their clearance level.

    With Namaste LMS you can create class levels and delay access to content.

    Namaste LMS makes it easy for you to manage and order courses, it allows you to create discounts or coupon codes.

    Still, what we enjoy about Namaste is the fact that it can be connected to WooCommerce or WP Simple Shopping Cart.

    Namaste makes it easy for you to create protected files. All you have to do is to upload the files and set the clearance level.

    Namaste will also make it easy for people to upgrade their account.


    • Shortcodes that automatically display payment buttons according to your configuration

    check out Namaste! LMS

  • Sensei LMS

    Sensei LMS is a project started by the WordPress creators, Automattic. It's a completely free solution that will surprise you with the ease of use and the seamless integration.

    One of the greatest things about Sensei is the fact that it works in sync with WooCommerce and the WooCommerce extension "WooCommerce Paid Courses" - A solution that helps you set up recurring subscriptions, enable trial periods and restrict content based on your choice.

    It is very well developed, reliable and easy to use however we only recommend Sensei LMS to those who don't require many features.


    • Works with the WooCommerce Paid Courses extension
    • Simple, clean, lightweight


    • Pretty poor features
    • Not a complex solution

    check out Sensei LMS

  • LearnPress

    Starting price: $49

    LearnPress is a one of a kind WordPress LMS plugin that comes from ThimPress.

    The plugin has been downloaded over 260.000 times and powers a staggering number of schools (21,000) worldwide.

    It has an average rating score of 4.5/5 which is amazing considering how many people depend on it every day.

    LearnPress is available in 3 packages, a free option that you can download from the official WordPress repository, a theme bundle that includes access to almost LearnPress addons and a third package that gives you license for 3 websites.

    We think that the Theme Bundle is enough for most people as this comes at just $69 and includes unlimited course support, unlimited students support and unlimited instructors.

    On top of these, LearnPress makes sure you build a successful business by enabling gateways for Stripe, 2Checkout and Authorize.Net. The plugin also works in sync with WooCommerce for an enhanced eCommerce experience.

    We talked about the business side, but the courses are on a solid ground as well. LearnPress allows you to build 3 types of quizzes:

    - fill in the blanks quizz

    - sorting choice question

    - random quiz and myCRED

    These alongside the collection of addons like coming soon course, bbPress integration, the Course Review, Course Wishlist and Prerequisites make LearnPress an unbeatable LMS solution for small to medium-sized course builders.


    • You get 6 months of free support and lifetime updates
    • Use with a theme of your choice
    • Unlimited courses, instructors, members
    • Solid payment gateways for popular payment-processors

    check out LearnPress

  • WP Courseware

    Starting price: $129

    WP Courseware is a premium LMS plugin that incorporates an intuitive drag and drop course builder. Even though WP Courseware is not as popular as LearnDash or LifterLMS, it manages to keep attention to what matters most for someone who tries to publish courses.

    Courseware takes advantage of the familiar WordPress environment and strikes to incorporate everything in its layout making the publishing intuitive and easy for everyone.

    The plugin supports quizzes and automatic certificates. These are awarded once a member finishes a given task or list of tasks. Once you've set everything accordingly and published your courses, you can set up the payment processors (PayPal or Stripe) and start earning recurring commissions.

    It's important to mention that WP Courseware allows you to add unlimited instructors and assign them roles, it allows you to use any theme or any WordPress page builder and it does a great job to manage students.


    • Unlimited members / students, instructors, packages
    • Supports PayPal and Stripe payments

    check out WP Courseware

  • What is drip content / course and why it is important?

    Drip content is just a fancy word for scheduled content / course in this case. Simply put, you can define schedules for when the content / course / tutorial becomes accessible to a certain member or a set of members. This is a feature that all reputable LMS plugins should include because it saves you time and enhances member engagement.
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