Page Builder Plugins for WordPress - Build Awesome Websites Without Coding in 2021

Our picks for the best page builders designed for WordPress

  • Beaver Builder

    Best for: Overall usage
  • Divi Builder

    Best for: Visual drag and drop experience
  • Elementor

    Best for: Ease of use

The WordPress page builder plugins have been under the radar of designers and content creators for a long time now, but with the passing of the time new solutions emerged. Still, the major question is whether you should use a page builder or follow the traditional way of creating a blog post.

The answer, of course lays in the requirements of your projects. However, the complexity of a design built using a page builder for WordPress can't be achieved unless you are a skilled coder or you have a few thousand dollars to spend for each project.

This is why we recommend you to go through each of the options listed in this article and see which one fits your needs. We are big fans of page builder plugins especially because they offer great flexibility, bringing super design powers to design newbies.

With a layout builder you'll be able to create in 5 minutes what would take hours of coding and hard work for a skilled web developer.

We picked 8 of the most controversial solutions available for WordPress. When we chose these we took into consideration the number of active installations, ergonomics, ease of use, how light each plugin is and of course, the price and number of features they offer.

After studying all the popular solutions, we came up with the following list:

  • Beaver Builder

    Best plugin for: Overall usage

    Starting price: $99

    Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder is one of the most controversial page builder plugins for WordPress and that’s for good reasons. The Beaver Builder plugin has a robust architecture which allows the addition of features without compromising performance.

    On top of that, the visual drag and drop interface has no lagging and allows you to build truly awesome websites with literally no coding involved.

    The Beaver Builder environment allows you to build custom column based designs or even grids in just minutes.

    The beauty of this page builder is that it doesn’t rely on shortcodes which makes the customizations available even if you decide to disable the plugin.

    Currently Beaver Builder is used by over 175.000 websites, including popular ones like Crowd Favorite, Chris Lema or even Godaddy.

    Due to its popularity, Beaver Builder benefits from plenty of extensions and addons such as PowerPack for BeaverBuilder which adds a whooping number of content modules, eCommerce support and even more design options.

    This is basically web development with no limitation whatsoever.


    • It is compatible with most WordPress themes
    • One time payment
    • Unlimited design posibilities
    • Scalable and highly reliable


    • It's quite expensive

    check out Beaver Builder

  • Divi Builder

    Best plugin for: Visual drag and drop experience

    Starting price: $89

    Divi Builder

    The Divi Builder is the master project behind Elegant Themes. It’s a builder that comes integrated in their theme with the same name (Divi), or it can come bundled as a plugin in their package alongside 80+ themes and 2 powerful premium plugins (Bloom and Monarch).

    If you are in for the best deal on the market, then Divi should be your choice.

    This is a highly flexible page builder that can help you build and maintain not only a powerful website, but a web design business.

    Divi can be used on an unlimited number of sites and enables you to build fully responsive websites that include grids, sliders, shape dividers, animations, hover states and an awesome bulk editor which allows you to copy and paste elements throughout the page.

    One great feature of the Divi Builder is the ability to design your own layouts and save them in the local library.

    In fact, it’s good to mention that Divi already has in the library over 800 pre-designed templates that you can load and modify yourself in just minutes.

    On top of these, Divi offers 40+ website modules including: responsive editing, code editors, filters and effects, shadows, animations, multi-element selection, drag and drop, copy and paste styles, save styles etc.

    Overall, Divi may be the most complete page builder we ever tested. It’s a well-oiled machine that can help you bring to life almost any type of design you can imagine.

    It does this well and with the minimum of effort.

    However, before deciding on using Divi, you should know that the design is dependable on the theme / plugin. In short, that means you won’t be able to maintain the design you created once you deactivate the theme / plugin.


    • Intuitive design
    • Comes in bundle with Divi theme and 80+ themes
    • Has over 40 modules
    • Save designs in Divi Library
    • Over 100 templates inside the theme already created


    • Too heavy
    • The design doesn't work after plugin deactivation

    check out Divi Builder

  • Elementor

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Elementor Page Builder

    Is definitely the most popular page builder plugin for WordPress, with over 2 million downloads and an average rating of 5 stars which is simply astonishing.

    Elementor is the definition of fast! Probably this is the key behind its massive success, alongside the 100+ pre-designed templates and blocks, mobile first editing, undo and revision history, template for landing pages and the fact that’s completely free.

    The elegance of Elementor and the modularity of the plugin make it the perfect candidate for any type of website.

    If you want even more flexibility, then you should know that Elementor offers a Pro version that gives you a CRM integration, custom fonts, role management, blog post layout widgets, image & video sliders and even WooCommerce support.

    On top of that, the builder includes 30 of their widgets (for Testimonials, custom icons, image boxes, social icons, counters, progress bars, tabs, accordion, content toggles and many more).

    Another relevant information about Elementor is that it’s translated in over 30 languages.


    • Everybody loves it
    • Large community of developers
    • Live frontend page editor


    • Some Elementor addons don't work properly

    check out Elementor

  • WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)

    Starting price: $64

    WPBakery Page Builder

    WPBakery Page Builder has been rebranded by its developers from “Visual Composer”, the massive WordPress page builder which turned into an even bigger website builder (check the website).

    We consider Visual Composer an innovator of the field, leading out with an out of the box approach which drastically changed the drag and drop editing in WordPress forever.

    WPBakery Page Builder comes with support for responsive design, grid design and support for any type of WordPress theme.

    The plugin includes both a frontend and a backend editor, each offering a different approach towards designing the web page.

    The frontend editor has a visual approach, allowing you to view all changes in real time while the backend editor enables you to build in a perspective mode.

    The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce, includes user role control, supports parallax and custom post types.

    WP Bakery WordPress Page Builder has been downloaded over 300.000 times and works flawlessly on over 2 million sites, including sites from Asus, DHL, ExxonMobil, Hilton, Marriott, Seagate or Bloomberg.


    • Has many modules
    • It's quite affordable


    • Slower than other page builders

    check out WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer)

  • Themify Builder

    Themify Builder

    The Themify Builder Pro comes bundled with both, a Frontend and a Backend editors. The Frontend editor allows you to preview the design live while the backend editor is a fast and lightweight editor that's based on Themify modules.

    These modules are the foundation of Themify Builder and what draws our attention is the "Layout Parts". The "Layout Parts" allow you to customize a module with content and design and display it on as many pages as you wish. The module will look and act the same for all the pages.

    We also want to mention that the Themify Builder is compatible with all major plugins out there including: Yoast SEO, MailChimp, Contact Form 7 and the popular WooCommerce.

    The Themify builder is supported by a trusted developer responsible for many successful plugins and themes. They offer support for the plugin and it's a reliable long term solution for your business.


    • Includes Layout Parts
    • Can be used on backend and frontend
    • Has multisite support


    • No header/footer builder
    • Not the most intuitive builder

    check out Themify Builder

  • Thrive Architect

    Thrive Architect

    Even though is not a popular of a choice like Divi or Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect manages to surprise us by bringing up a professional, business-like environment.

    If Beaver Builder has a clean, lightweight environment, Thrive managed to simplify things even more.

    Thrive Architect relies on the distraction free environment which follows a simple rule: click on it, modify it. If you want to add an element, click on the element.

    If you want to move an element, just drag and drop it where you want it to be. Simple, easy and lighting fast!

    It’s also worth mentioning that Thrive Architect is a factory designed for building conversion-oriented landing pages.

    That’s because Thrive’s primary focus is to bring higher conversion rates…and it does this using over 276 landing page templates that you can customize as you wish.

    It’s definitely the fastest way on the market to build professional landing pages, webinars and product showcasing pages on WordPress.


    • Specialized on building awesome landing pages


    • Not for everybody
    • Lacks essential features

    check out Thrive Architect

  • Brizy Page Builder

    A new entry in the business of drag and drop page builders and WordPress. Brizy is a modern, lightweight page builder that’s available for free.

    It’s a highly intuitive and has great support for form creation, sliders, tabs and includes a suite of over 400 page blocks.

    For people who don’t want to struggle with page looks, you should know that Brizy offers out of the box, pre-designed layouts that you can use.

    Those include pages, blocks and pop-ups which can be customized according to your business’ needs.

    Among the top features of Brizy we really enjoy the animations, video background feature for sliders and content sections, borders and corners, shadows and even an advanced column resizing and moving tool, for precise designing.


    • Great design and toolkit


    • Limited functionality

    check out Brizy Page Builder

  • SiteOrigin Page Builder

    Best plugin for: Best free option

    SiteOrigin Page Builder

    The SiteOrigin Page Builder is one of the most popular page builders in the list with a download count that surpasses the 1 million mark. It was designed around the WordPress widgets system so you can easily extend its functionality and never have to get concerned about compatibility issues. Also, its great because pages created using SiteOrigin will work the same even after you disable the plugin.

    We appreciate the built-in history browser which lets you forward back and through every change made using the editor and we also like its lightweight, fast loading interface. An even more impressive thing about SiteOrigin Page Builder is the fact that it's 100% free and has an average rating score of 5 stars.

    SiteOrigin Page Builder is available in 17 different languages and it includes a translation file which allows you to translate each feature into your own language (if it isn't already translated).

    On top of that, if you want to get an even more powerful version of the page builder, you can always opt-in for the SiteOrigin Page Builder Premium. This starts as a bundle of plugin at $29 / year for a single site use and goes to $99 for developer use.

    check out SiteOrigin Page Builder

Honorable Mentions

These are page builders that have tremendous potential and are worth watching. They offer a large suite of features and are built by popular WordPress developers.


Features Beaver BuilderBeaver Builder Elementor LogoElementor Page Builder Divi BuilderDivi Builder WP Bakery LogoVisual Composer Thrive Architect Page BuilderThrive Architect Themify Builder LogoThemify Builder Brizy Page BuilderBrizy Page Builder SiteOrigin Page BuilderSiteOrigin
Smallest Pack $99 / life $49 / year $89 / year $46 / life $19 / month $89 / year $49 / year $29 / year
Number of users Over 250,000 Over 2 million Over 1 million Over 3 million Over 3000 - - Over 300,000
WooCommerce compatibility
Addons PowerPack Beaver Addons Yes Ultimate Divi Builder Addons Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
Works with most themes
Uses shortcodes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Uses Widgets
WooCommerce support
Translation Includes translation file Includes translation file Includes translation file Includes translation file Includes translation file Includes translation file Includes translation file 17 languages
Responsive design
Multisite support
  • What's the best WordPress Page Builder Plugin in 2019?

    This is a difficult question to answer because each page builder has a certain set of features that others may not have. In simple words, is a matter of the type of site and the requirements of that site.

    Still, we consider Beaver Builder the most complete solution because it incorporates an intuitive, feature rich environment that doesn't make you dependent on it.

  • Is there a free page builder that you recommend?

    Well, currently there are 3 viable solutions that are free and quite powerful. The "Elementor" page builder which has quite a lot of features for the free version. It is intuitive and fast loading.

    The second option is "Beaver Builder Light" which is also quite complete for a free plugin, but limited in terms of editing.

    Still, there's a 3rd option (SiteOrigin Page Builder) which from our point of view is the most complete solution that's available for free. You still have to understand that free versions can't offer you the complexity and the feature-rich experience you'd get from a premium plugin, but you'll get a great deal of those features and if you decide to upgrade later on, you'll have the option to do so.

  • Is it worth buying a premium page builder?

    Page builders are a fundamental part of your entire WordPress website. They are responsible for the content and the way that content is presented to your potential customers so you can't afford your website to look anything but perfect.

    A premium page builder will get you covered in terms of support, flexibility and upgrades. These three + the numerous features are definitely reasons enough for buying a subscription to any of the page builders listed in this article.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article may contain affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you, we may earn comissions if you click and make a purchase.
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