Top Most Powerful Sliders for WordPress 2019 Edition

Showcase your content using astonishing animated sliders built for your website

Sliders are an essential feature of any website's presentation plan. These enhance the user experience and place a spotlight on your most important content.

With this being said, it is important to make the right choice from the start because otherwise you'll lose potential customers in just seconds. This statement is especially true for portfolio websites, creatives and pretty much everyone who wants to sell a product or service.

What is a content slider?

A content slider is a convenient, easy way to display important parts of your website such as featured content or products in a short, visually appealing manner meant to grab the attention of your potential customers and direct them to the desired area.

On short, a content slider is an attention grabbing machine that keeps your visitors entertained and focused on the important parts of your website.

These sliders can be simple sliders which usually contain a large image and some text, they can only contain text and a small image alongside a colored background, but they can be quite complex as well.

For instance, a cutting-edge slider is animated, it includes multiple objects which are placed all around the slider container, they act independently and enter in the visual field at a specified time, just to increase the focus of your potential customer.

What you need to consider before choosing a slider plugin for WordPress

Before choosing a content slider you need to make sure it is the right solution for your needs. However, we have some general features that each one of the solutions should include.

1. Speed, performance and SEO friendliness

This is something that has to be on top of the list because a slider that isn't performing well can drastically slow down your page and more importantly, it can decrease your website's performance on search engines.

2. Responsive design

Just as important as the SEO and performance issue is the responsive and mobile readiness of a slider plugin. This factor decides that the slide you designed looks as astonishing on a desktop device as it does on a mobile device.

3. Updates and support

WordPress is constantly improving and your website is constantly improving as well. This means it's only obvious that the slider solution is able to keep up with your business and requirements.

4. Comprehensive visual editor for slides

A good slider should always be handy and easy to use, to save you time and to allow you to build multiple sliders in just seconds.

All of these and many more are features that we took into consideration before choosing the slider plugins in this list.

  • LayerSlider

    Best plugin for: Feature rich

    Starting price: $25

    LayerSlider is not your average slider plugin for WordPress, but more like an animation platform built for WordPress users.

    This plugin will help you build complex animations based on objects such as images, text and even video.

    The platform includes a drag and drop editor which makes the creation process a child's play. However, the even more powerful thing about LayerSlider is the list of over 200 pre-defined slide transitions.

    All you have to do is to drag and drop your desired objects into the slide and then apply the transition you want or create a new one yourself.

    You can also choose object delays, type of animation, intro effects and disappearing effects as well.


    • Parallax animation effects
    • 200+ pre-built transitions
    • Includes revisions to help you undo changes
    • Resize items from the visual editor using grids & rulers


    • No free version available
    • Takes some time to get used to its features

    check out LayerSlider

  • Slider Revolution

    Best plugin for: Overall experience

    Starting price: $26

    Slider Revolution

    Is a feature-rich WordPress plugin designed for building dynamic, animated content for your website. Slider Revolution is renown for being one of the most beloved slider plugins with over 300.000 purchases and an average rating of 4.78 which is simply astonishing.

    Slider Revolution offers over 200+ templates in their online library. The plugin allows you to edit everything from a visual drag and drop editor and among the things included in the editor we have:

    • The option to create sliders and carousels
    • Full-width sliders
    • Hero headers
    • Timeline slider editor for animations

    On top of that Slider Revolution allows you to create animated layer groups using the Media Asset Library, which allows you to use scalable vector images such as .SVG.

    The support for the plugin is included for 6 months only but Theme Punch (the developer) allows you to extend the support for 12 months for just $7.88.


    • 200+ templates
    • Online library access
    • Includes 20 addons for special effects


    • No free or test version available
    • Too complex for someone who needs something simple

    check out Slider Revolution

  • MetaSlider

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $39

    MetaSlider plugin for WP

    Probably the most popular slider used for WordPress with over 800,000 downloads on the official WordPress repository. The pricing for the plugin starts at $39 and that includes license for 2 websites.

    MetaSlider doesn't stand out by offering tremendous features or a large list of fancy applications, but it does stand out with its flexibility, stable environment and reliability. In fact the plugin is used even by the NASA website for the simplicity and intuitive interface that is offered with each version.

    You can also find a free version of MetaSlider which offers more than enough for most website owners.


    • Pro version has animated layer slider
    • Works seamlessly with WooCommerce
    • Offers support for WPML
    • Includes 4 sliders in one (Nivo Slider, Flex Slider, Responsive Slides and Coin Slider)
    • It's lightweight and very easy to integrate in your website


    • Doesn't include as many features as other sliders in the list

    check out MetaSlider

  • Smart Slider 3

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $35

    Smart Slider 3 thumbnail

    One of the most powerful sliders available for WordPress today. Smart Slider 3 has been purchased over 400,000 times and has a large list of templates and a visual drag and drop editor.

    The Smart Slider 3 includes 180+ pre-built slider samples, a timeline to edit and build animations and unparalleled support. It is available in 3 packages:

    • $35 for 1 website
    • $150 for 10 websites
    • $250 for unlimited websites

    All 3 packages offer litetime support and updates as well as access to the slide library and layer types (23+). It's also worth mentioning that the Smart Slider plugin is also available for Joomla users.

    The last version of Smart Slider 3 includes an even larger number of extra layers which allow you to manipulate the background image, to change highlighted text, to include new elements at a certain time and even play with video backgrounds (+add new overlays of your choice).

    Still, the most impressive feature from my point of view is the ability to build custom Actions & Events. This means you can choose how the slider behaves when someone clicks or scrolls in the page, taking the interactive content at a whole new level.


    • Lifetime auto-updates on every premium license
    • Image optimization and preload included for better SEO and performance

    check out Smart Slider 3

  • Slider by 10Web

    Starting price: $20

    Slider plugin for WordPress by 10Web

    A brilliant slider plugin that offers a wide variety of slider types. The plugin offers support for simple clean presentations and even more complex and ambitious projects such as:

    • Advanced carousels
    • Layer - animated sliders
    • Product sliders
    • Parallax effect sliders
    • Zoom sliders
    • 3D sliders
    • Video sliders

    Sliders by 10Web is fully responsive and offers a visual drag and drop editor from where you can choose the images, how they act and order them according to your preferences. Sliders by 10Web allows you to build SEO-ready sliders with just few clicks.

    check out Slider by 10Web

  • Master Slider

    Best plugin for: Lightweight

    Starting price: $24

    Master Slider for WordPress

    Master Slider is yet another powerful slider plugin designed by averta. The slider includes hardware accelerated transitions and includes support for touch navigation with swipe gestures and device specific gestures. It is fully responsive and enables you to include not just media elements like images and videos, but text and HTML specific code as well.

    The plugin has been downloaded over 25,000 times and has an average rating of 4.61 out of 5. While it is not as complex as Slider Revolution or Layer Slider, Master Slider manages to include 70+ pre-built sliders designs in a very well optimized interface that is lightweight and user friendly.

    On top of that, Master Slider is available at only $24 and includes a massive list of animations including the parallax effect and animated layers.

    The sliders created using Master Slider are 100% SEO friendly. These will be visible in front of search engines and they will include HTML5 elements.


    • SEO friendly sliders
    • Responsive sliders
    • Cross-browser compatible sliders + mobile support

    check out Master Slider

Honorable Mentions


Features LayerSlider Smart Slider 3 - plugin for WordPressSmartSlider 3 Slider RevolutionSlider Revolution 10Web slider for WPSlider by 10Web WordPress Master Slider pluginMaster Slider WP slider - MetaSliderMetaSlider
Starting price $25 $35 / site $26 $20 $24 $39
Free version
Number of users 97,000+ 600,000+ 332,000+ 60,000+ 25,000+ 800,000+
Visual editor
Templates 200+ slide-transitions - 200+ 24 transition effects 80+ 20+
Parallax effect
Video slide support
Full width slider
Responsive / mobile
Thumbnail navigation
  • Which slider is best for my website?

    It depends on the type of features you need for your website. Our recommendation is to keep in mind the SEO factor, the heaviness of the plugin and to take performance into account.

    If you require a feature-rich plugin, then we recommend you either Slider Revolution or LayerSlider. If you are in search for a lightweight, easy to use plugin, then we recommend you MetaSlider.

  • Why use a slider plugin?

    We recommend sliders when you need to showcase your content and bring in front of your audience certain products or services. They are some of the best attention grabbing solutions because they bring interactions and animations.
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