Best 7 Multilanguage and Translation Plugins for WordPress Pages and Posts

Our top 3 choices for multilingual translation tools

If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level and start an international website, then translating the content is the first thing you have to check out of your list.

Fortunately WordPress has some assets in its sleeve and those are the translation plugins. These easy to install and configure plugins can help you deal with posts, pages and content displayed all around your WordPress site.

A good multilingual plugin should make it as straightforward as possible when it comes to selecting the text that you want to translate, editing it and attaching the translated text to the proper language.

This process shouldn't take as much as you think because the solutions in the list come equipped with visual text editors and language associations right from your WordPress dashboard.

All you need now is a person responsible with the translating the text and some patience. In just few clicks and some hours your website could be translated in 2-3 languages.

Let's see the best tools to do that.

  • TranslatePress

    Best plugin for: Overall translations

    Starting price: $79 / year

    TranslatePress is a goldmine for anyone who wants to translate their WordPress website into multiple languages.

    The plugin has all the assets needed for an easy translation process and offers a suite of features that have no equal.

    For starters TranslatePress offers out of the box support for over 221 languages. This means you can add as many languages as you want on your website and I highly doubt that you won't find your desired language in there.

    To make the translation process even faster, TranslatePress includes the Google Translate API which takes care of the heavy lifting (it automatically translates your website into the desired language).

    After that your only focus should be on correcting translations that aren't perfectly suited. (because you know how that Google Translate has some flaws at times).

    These are all included in the Personal package, but if you purchase a Business or Developer account, you will be able to display user languages based on browser setting detection.

    Alongside that, TranslatePress will also take care of navigation, widgets and items in your page that are not necessarily WordPress content.


    • Customizable language switcher
    • Support for translator accounts
    • Includes automatic translations using the Google Translate API
    • Custom translated different / page and post URLs

    check out TranslatePress

  • Weglot

    Best plugin for: Ease of use

    Starting price: $99 / year

    WeGlot Translation Plugin

    Weglot is a multi-platform compatible translation tool that makes it easy to provide translations of your website without having any technical or coding knowledge.

    Weglot stands out in the crowd by offering one of the most forward installation processes (about 5 minutes) and a content detection process which lets you get started without any additional configuration.

    The platform supports a huge number of languages (over 100) and it makes it simple for you to edit the content from a visual text editor that works with about any type of HTML component.

    After finishing the translation process, Weglot will help you redirect visitors to the appropriate website, a website translated in their language. This is based on their browser's default language settings.

    Another awesome thing about Weglot is the SEO friendly factor. The plugin will take care of adding the proper metadata values such as description and titles in the selected languages. This goes alongside the hreflang attribute which tells Google about the page language.

    This way you'll be able to have multiple versions of your website indexed in Google and the search results will appear in the user's defined language.


    • Top support team 24/7 based on the subscription you choose
    • Automated SEO friendly language metadata

    check out Weglot

  • GTranslate

    Best plugin for: Flexibility

    Starting price: $5.99 / month

    GTranslate is a brilliant translation plugin for WordPress that is active on over 100.000 websites according to stats from the official WordPress Plugin Repository.

    The plugin has an average rating score of 4.9 out of 5 stars and makes it dead simple for anyone to translate their site in over 103 languages.

    They also offer a premium upgrade for the plugin which includes support for SEO metadata and custom translated URLs.

    Another very interesting and unique feature is the ability to translate sites on different domain names.


    • Translate multiple websites on different domain names
    • Compatible with Yoast SEO
    • Automatically adds hrefland tags to pages and posts
    • Cloud service update

    check out GTranslate

  • WPML

    Starting price: $29

    WPML Translation

    WPML or the WordPress Multilingual Plugin is the original translation plugin for WordPress.

    It's a very powerful tool that goes deep into WordPress structure and allows you to translate not only posts and pages but custom post types, custom taxonomies, custom fields and even texts available in themes or plugins.

    WPML is fully compatible with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7 or the Elementor Page Builder.

    It's a great tool to enhance your SEO stats because it provides full control over the permalink structure of translated pages / posts and even support for multilingual sitemaps.


    • eCommerce support via WooCommerce
    • Translate WordPress plugins & themes

    check out WPML

  • Polylang

    Starting price: $99


    Even though is not as popular as WPML and GTranslate, Polylang is bragging with a stunning number of users: over 500.000 to be exact.

    Polylang makes it easy for you to add language switchers to your website, add new languages and start translating text of your choice from posts / pages or custom post taxonomies / fields.

    Polylang is a more minimalist option and that makes it a fast loading plugin that doesn't add any layer of extra-bloat.


    • SEO friendly translations
    • Enables language switcher
    • Lightweight design

    check out Polylang

  • Multilanguage

    Starting price: $32 / year

    Multilanguage is a translation tool brought to you by BestWebSoft, a plugin that allows you to translate WordPress menus, widgets, custom post types, taxonomies etc.

    It also adds a custom language switcher to your website and supports 80+ languages.

    Multilanguage also comes with support for Open graph meta tags and will automatically add hreflang tag for search engines.


    • Supports hreflang for SEO and Open Graph metadata

    check out Multilanguage

  • Lingotek

    Lingotek is a cloud translation platform that comes packed with translation professionals. It includes location managers and machine translations which is a low-cost solution for automatic translations.

    You can upgrade to Community or Professional solutions to get more upgrades if you need them.


    • Cloud translation platform
    • Real-time monitoring

    check out Lingotek

  • Why should I translate my WordPress website?

    Translating your website is something that comes with a ton of benefits for your online business. For starters you can start promoting your products or services to a larger audience and collect some bonus points / trust for displaying the content in their native language.

    Another great benefit of translating your site is the ability to rank higher for local keywords in Google. This is because some people have the browser set in their native language and Google tends to favor results that are displayed in that language.

    The same goes for social ranking and the increase in the number of shares.

  • What's the best translation plugin for WordPress?

    The best solution for translating your WordPress website into multiple languages is TranslatePress. It is the most feature rich solution, it offers support for over 221 languages, you can translate everything from the familiar WordPress Admin panel and it deals with SEO, metadata and social media tags translations. It is simple to use and very intuitive. It doesn't take more than a minute to learn how to use it.

  • How many languages can my website support?

    This depends on the solution you choose and the subscription you pick. However, most solutions offer support for an unlimited number of languages.
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